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The Green Scene Ponds and Fountains

The Green Scene designs and builds custom and unique ponds, water gardens, and fountains,
as well as incorporating precast fountains into our gorgeous landscape designs.

Scott Cohen's Vanishing Edge PondVanishing Edge Pond Brodey Pond

Waterfall, Pond, and Raised Patio
Vanishing Edge Pond
Night Pond with bridge Flynn Pond and faux wood bridge Creech Pond Koi Pond
Wolfson Playhouse Scott Cohen designs and builds these faux wood concrete bridges that are stamped and stained to look like real wood, with superior durability and no maintenance. Scott Cohen explains how to build them in Ponds Magazine Winter 2008 Pond and Patio Pond with Wood Bridge
Bridge over Pond Wolfson playhouse, pond, and dock
Lily pond and fountain Weston Pond Drawbridge and Pond Ponds Magazine Fall 2008 features an interview with Scott Cohen about outdoor lighting for pond owners called Light The Night
Pond with Water Lilies Whaley Pond and firepit Waterfall Pond
Pond with bridge and Cannas Pond and Patio Pond and Patio with bridge Related article from
Garden Center Magazine:
Fire and Water Offer Winning Pond Combo
Budda Pond Large Waterfall Bridge over Pond Pond and Garden Lifestyles
Waterfall Waterfall Closeup Pond and Waterfall
Pond and kitchen

Related articles by Scott Cohen:

What you should know about Pond Liners and The Sun

Water In Transit
Find out what to do and what not to do when moving water from one elevation to another.

The Mysterious Draining Fountain
Scott solves the mystery of a fountain that won't hold water, and nobody else can figure out why!

Pond waterfall and pond Pond with Waterfall Waterfall Closeup

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