3 Great Reasons to Have a Backyard Spool

3 Great Reasons to Have a Backyard Spool
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A customized backyard spool brings many benefits and an amazing ‘Wow Factor” to your southern California lifestyle. 

This modern backyard idea is luxurious and stunningly beautiful. 3 great reasons to add a backyard spool to your modern design include versatility, entertainment, and room for multiple outdoor living areas.

Before we look at why you need to invest in a spool, you need to know exactly what a spool is.

Simply stated spool designs are a hybrid design of a pool and a spa, lovingly referred to as “spools”. 

Spools are great for homeowners with small backyards but who also want big features. They are also excellent for those who are looking for modern backyard ideas.

A great example of this is the Cool Spool created in Porter Ranch by The Green Scene Design Team. This design maximizes the outdoor living spaces while also delivering on the luxurious and modern amenities our clients expect. 

Versatility in Modern Backyard Design

A great reason to add a spool to your modern backyard design is its versatility. Since a spool is a hybrid pool and spa, you get the best features of both. 

With a spool, you get all the health and wellness benefits of a hot tub. Simply elevate the water temperature to create the spa experience you desire. Turn on massaging jets to complete your rejuvenation time. Your muscles relax and your circulation and sleep improve. Who wouldn’t like that?!

Because your spool is not just a spa, you can also beat the California heat. Decrease the temperature to cool down, play, or exercise. The jets can create a current for you to swim against, or you can do other water workouts such as low-impact exercises and resistance training. This is a great way to get in your daily exercise without breaking a sweat!

Entertaining in a Backyard Spool

If you love entertaining guests then this is another great reason to add a backyard spool. 

Spools are an awesome way to sit back, relax, and bond with close friends and loved ones. Because of this some people even refer to them as “cocktail pools”. Imagine enjoying your favorite cocktail with your best friends. That is the life of luxury all in your own modern backyard!

Spools create the perfect conversation area. Add in a massaging waterfall such as the design above and your friends may never want to leave. 

Your spool can even be designed to accommodate accessories such as Ledge Loungers. Talk about resort style living!

Small Backyard Design

The Cool Spool design keeps all features and areas in scale with the small backyard.

The last great reason to add a spool to your modern backyard design is to maximize your space’s potential without it feeling cramped.

In southern California, backyards are getting smaller as developers fight over the available land. But even though backyards are shrinking, homeowners still want and expect large backyard features. 

The Green Scene design team has met this need and expectation with modern backyard ideas. 

A backyard spool brings a water feature large enough for play and relaxation. But it also leaves room for other outdoor living spaces and features. 

Instead of overtaking a small backyard with a large in-ground pool, spool designs leave room for outdoor kitchens, sitting areas, gardens, fire features, or most any other element the homeowner desires.

In this Spool Drone Video, you can see how The Green Scene Design Team kept all outdoor elements in scale with the yard’s small size. There is equal space for all areas and features, yet the backyard does not feel cramped or tight. It flows from one area to the other. There is room for beautiful landscaping which also adds to a sense of privacy in the space. 

The Cool Spool design is appropriately sized for the space, and it is the star feature of the backyard. The rim flow infinity edges allow water to spill over all sides, and the 4ft waterfall provides a comforting shoulder massage. The rock wall beautifully accentuates the waterfall feature while disguising the spool’s equipment.

Because of the Cool Spool’s smaller footprint, there is room for a modern BBQ, a large fire pit, and a comfortable sitting area.

Spool designs done right, like this one, prove that a small backyard should never be boring or plain. Small backyards should be luxurious, sophisticated, and modern.

Incorporate a backyard spool into your modern backyard design to get the ultimate “Wow Factor”!

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