What is the Best Time of Year to Build a Pool in California?

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Ask any quality California pool builder for the best time of the year to build a pool in the state, and the answer will be as soon as you decide it’s time. That said there are a few timing details you might want to take into consideration when planning. 

For homeowners, there are so many questions that arise when they think of building a custom pool. Thoughts of design, style, size, features, and more swirl in their brains. In addition, they also need to consider budget and the time frame involved in getting their customized pool built. Weather and climate factors do have some bearing on these. Given all these factors, planning ahead is always the best course of action. Here are a few timing details to consider:

Planning Ahead is Key 

Planning your dream outdoor getaway deserves some time and focus. When you give yourself the opportunity to think ahead you have the flexibility to consider the scale of your plans, the way that one area will flow into the next, and the ideal configuration for your lifestyle. These are key details that shouldn’t be rushed. Start exploring ideas as soon as you make the decision to build a pool.  

The Fastest Time of Year for a Pool Build

Pool building companies get a lot of calls during summer and spring. Everyone has swimming on the brain at that time of year, but if you start planning in the warmer months, it’s too late to have your pool in place that year. You may assume that come fall or winter, pool builders’ hectic schedules will be relaxed a bit because fewer homeowners opt for a winter installation. While it may be true that some pool builders have a clearer schedule in the cooler seasons, here at The Green Scene, we are busy year-round. One of the perks of winter building though, is that the work often gets done faster, since the builders don’t have to work in the heat.

Fall is Perfect for Landscaping

Fall is the right time to plan your landscape design.  Many trees, plants, and types of grass planted in fall do well with getting established before spring and summer’s growth and blooming. When the warmer temperatures arrive, you have a lush landscape that’s sure to catch everyone’s eyes. Keep in mind that planting after your pool is installed is optimal so that your new grass or plants aren’t damaged when installation is going on.

Think About Timing for Swimming Season

The cooler months give you ample time to execute your pool building plans and get ready for swim season before the heat really rolls in. If you go ahead with a fall or winter pool build, by the time spring hits, your pool is ready for your family to enjoy. Building before the busy swim season also allows you the time to stud your backyard with outdoor shade, fire features, or even an outdoor kitchen. It also gives you plenty of time to plan that perfect pool party for the first sign of spring.


If you’re living in the Chatsworth, Porter Ranch, West Hills areas, talk to the Green Scene Team about your pool design ideas. We would be happy to work together to build your dream custom pool and backyard whenever you decide it’s the perfect time for you.

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