How Computer Aided Design is Used for Pools: See Your Project First in 3D!

a computer aided design rendering of a group of people around a contemporary pool at sunset
The Green Scene
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a computer aided design rendering of a group of people around a contemporary pool at sunset

What if you could see your new swimming pool and backyard reno before you signed on the dotted line? Or see the difference between adding a tanning ledge or a waterfall? Or both? What if you could know whether you have room for that stunning outdoor kitchen or the rock formations? Or a seating area in the actual pool? You can. The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools team doesn’t just “build pools.” We’re artisans, creating true backyard oases for our clients. Our entire process begins with an in-depth chat with you — the homeowner. Once we have a solid idea of your dreams for your new pool and backyard renovation, we take these plans to the computer. Using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) technology, we create a virtual swimming pool and backyard for you, so you can see your project first in 3D.

Before the Computer Aided Design renderings

Some Green Scene clients know exactly what they want out of a swimming pool; others need some ideas and nudges to get their inspiration lit. You have more style options than ever when it comes to the design of your pool, and we’ll carefully go over all of them with you. We’ll also determine what style you like most with your home’s design. Do you prefer the classic blue look, or are you looking for something more modern or contemporary, like a black pool? Maybe you like the show stopper look of an infinity-edge pool instead, with sweeping curves and stunning unobscured views of the horizon.

And what else do you want to go with your dream swimming pool scene? How about an entertaining theme park feel? Maybe you’re into sports or movies and prefer a theater-style pool scene? Perhaps you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen and seating area around a fire pit, where your family and friends can gather after a dip in the pool. And do you know what you’d like for landscaping or hardscaping? The right landscaping and hardscaping design is what ties a backyard altogether and brings your dream to life.

Creating the Computer Aided Design renderings

After we’ve gotten a sense of what you’re looking for and have created hand-drawn illustrations, we move on to the next step: computer aided design 3D renderings. These renderings are not static images. These are actual virtual videos that show your new pool and backyard from every view imaginable. You’ll be able to take a personal 3D “tour” of your pool. Gaze at your poolside seating areas, and see what the pool looks like with water features, hardscaping, landscaping, slides, and any other incredible features you want tucked into your design.

The video rendering showcases your unique, custom design from every angle — from an aerial shot to what it’s going to look like walking around your pool and even swimming in it. How crowded is it with ten friends visiting? How much room is there for seating areas, a garden, an outdoor kitchen, a tiki bar, cabana, or a pool house? After all, a “pool” is never just a “pool.” Your swimming pool is going to be the centerpiece of your life for most of the year. Let’s make sure we get it perfect by planning everything from the general layout down to those “extra special” details.

Using the Oculus virtual reality system, together with CAD 3-D design techniques, we’ll not only design your backyard and swimming pool to include all the features you desire, but we can also give you a virtual “walk-through” so that you’re 100% happy with the design. All before we even begin your project.


The Green Scene knows you’re busy. So once your perfect pool oasis plans are approved, we help you get that permit process squared away so we can begin excavating. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! And check out our YouTube channel for awesome examples of our computer aided design renderings of swimming pools.

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