How to Design a Swimming Pool with a Built-In Spa

Swimming Pool with a Built-In Spa
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A swimming pool with a built-in spa is a creative way to make use of your available space and ensures a complete outdoor experience like no other. Why settle for just some of the items on your dream backyard wish list when you can have it all? Our design team at The Green Scene is unmatched when it comes to incorporating spas into our swimming pool builds. 

Finding the Best Pool Shapes for a Built-in-Spa


The great thing about having a custom pool designed is that we can create almost any shape to fit your space and add additional features, like a built-in spa. For our Freestyle project, we built a contemporary pool, spa included, and made fantastic use of the angles in the pool’s shape. 

Swoopy Snoopy

On the contrary, the smooth curves of our Swoopy Snoopy project prove that virtually any pool shape can include an added spa. Enjoy a refreshing swim in a freeform pool and step into the warm relaxing waters of a built-in spa for a seamless transition of backyard aquatic activities. 

Choosing the Right Size Swimming Pool with a Built-In Spa

When it comes to choosing the right size swimming pool with a built-in spa, that mainly depends on your available space and how you want to use your backyard. Planning on entertaining large crowds on the regular? A spacious spa is great as it provides plenty of seating for mingling with guests. Or, do you wish to have plenty of swimming space and a spa to relax and unwind in after a workout or a long, stressful week? Then perhaps a smaller spa will work better. 


Our Insparational project is the perfect example of finding balance in your pool and spa size. Originally, the built-in spa was too small for the homeowners to properly enjoy, so during our remodel, we turned it into a fire feature and built a bigger spa to complement their swimming pool and allowed them to use their backyard the way they envisioned. 

Can You Add a Spa to an Existing Pool?

Balinese if You Please

Yes! In fact, it’s one of our specialties. Whether you need to resize your existing spa, or you’d like to add a built-in spa to your existing pool during a remodel, Scott Cohen and the design team at The Green Scene can make it happen. Check out our Balinese if You Please project to see an amazing pool transformation that incorporates a stunning infinity edge spa. 

Special Feature Options

Spa Bar Scene

Of course, as you develop an idea of the pool and spa you want, don’t feel limited in the special feature options you can use to enhance your design. Bubbling water fountains, glowing fire features, stunning works of tile mosaics, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Check out our Spa Bar Scene to see what we mean – this backyard has it all!

It’s no secret that we love making outdoor spaces multifunctional to help our clients get the most out of their backyard. As you work on your dream backyard plans, consider a swimming pool with a built-in spa and get the best out of both worlds. Check out our YouTube channel of completed projects or our gallery of project profiles for a spark of inspiration and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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