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a contemporary pool design trend in a Southern California backyard
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Without any limitations, how would you design your dream pool? Perhaps you envision a backyard worthy of an exotic resort. Or maybe you envision a backyard where all of your loved ones can gather to spend quality time together. Whatever your pool wishlist is, The Green Scene has ideas that will take your pool design over the edge. Here are The Green Scene’s favorite pool features to add to your dream scene.

a contemporary pool design trend in a Southern California backyard

1) Contemporary Pool 

Contemporary, clean line designs create a sense of simplicity that translates to minimalistic style. These days, “less is more” design principles are all the rage, and for good reason. Life gets more and more complicated, but enjoying life’s daily pleasures shouldn’t have to be. If you prefer designs and spaces that you live in to be organized and orderly, a contemporary pool design is the perfect choice.

A baja shelf in a contemporary pool design

2) Baja Shelf

Swimming pools are a great way to create a space for your family to be active together and get exercise while swimming. Sometimes though, the adults need a space carved out just for relaxation. Baja shelves or tanning ledges are a great way to create separation between the part of the pool that is reserved for activities, and the shallow end where the parents can relax. A shallow Baja shelf with Ledge Loungers lets you enjoy a frosty beverage while the kids splash around in the deep end. Baja shelves are a great feature for those who love to enjoy the water without fully submerging. 

a built-in pool table in a contemporary pool design at sunset

3) In-pool Table

What’s more relaxing than sharing a cocktail or frosty beverage with your loved ones while cooling off in your swimming pool? An in-pool table creates even more opportunities to enjoy your swimming pool rather than just swimming and jumping in the water. Reminiscent of hanging out at the resort swim-up bar, without committing yourself to being the bartender.

an infinity-edge spa in a contemporary pool with a built-in table

4) Infinity Edge Spa

An infinity-edge spa might sound like it’s just a magician’s trick, but the result is pure magic. Tranquil and seamless, the water’s edge offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. The glassy, reflective surface creates a breathtaking illusion, tricking the eye into thinking the sky has been cast into your spa.

Even when you’re not soaking it in, a vanishing edge spa is lovely to look at, so let it take center stage in your backyard.

a sleek waterfall feature in a contemporary pool design

5) Waterfall features

You don’t have to go chasing waterfalls. You can bring them straight to your backyard. Recreate the soothing, gentle bubbling of a stream or the therapeutic repetition of ocean waves with a dramatic and visually stunning waterfall feature. If your dream pool is a personal retreat from the stress and burden of daily life, adding a waterfall feature will add to the soothing ambiance you desire. 

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