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Homeowner Testimonial


“When you’re considering landscaping and hardscaping for your home it is a big decision, you’ll be looking at it for many years every day not to mention spending a significant amount of money. So it is important to shop around and read reviews which is what we did. We chose to go with Scott and Green Scene after meeting with quite a few companies in the area because we went to the office and saw the operation and the schedules and crew management not to mention the portfolio is amazing and we couldn’t be happier. The quality and craftsmanship is out of this world. But beyond that they did what they said they were going to do and more and they did it ahead of schedule. We live in a new community and you can definitely see the difference in our house to the rest of the neighborhood. People stop daily to complement. After seeing and hearing the horror stories of our neighbors that used other companies that didn’t show up for months or came for a day then left we definitely know we made the right decision. The crews are professional and efficient and CLEAN, every day doing a sweep and removing trash etc makes such a huge difference when we see our neighbors houses with trash and cups and dirt everywhere everyday. There is a pride in what they do at green scene. You can’t put a price on piece of mind. We Highly recommend Green Scene and will definitely be using them again in the future for our next home.”

3D Concept Video

3D Concept Video

We are flattered by the volume of requests for consultations we are currently receiving daily. It’s nice to be popular, but due to overwhelming demand we are currently accepting projects only in the brand-new construction neighborhoods in which we are actively working; Westcliffe Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), Canyon Oaks & Encore Toll Brothers (Chatsworth), Hillcrest Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), The Canyons Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), Deerlake Ranch (Crestley and Landsea homes in Chatsworth), and Sterling Hills Pulte Homes (West Hills).

Outside of new construction, we have a “Special Projects Consultation Wait List” for clients with unique high-end projects with budgets over $200,000, that don’t mind waiting a bit for us to catch up.