Flipped Out

What happens when you take a vanishing edge pool and turn it around? You get a stunning, dive-in water feature that’s gorgeous no matter how you look at it.

With boundless valley views, this hillside property called out for a vanishing edge pool. But the typical design, with the rimless side overlooking the hill, would have entailed exorbitant construction costs in this small, steeply sloped yard.

So, we flipped the design around. With the vanishing side now facing the house, the view is set off by glistening sheets of water as they flow over the precise lines, angles, and bevels of this elegantly shaped pool. The unique geometric design of the pool made full use of available space and allowed us to incorporate a 45-foot swimline (the length of a straight stretch in the pool used for swimming laps). To fulfill the rest of the big wish list for this small yard we added a spa, outdoor kitchen and fire pit along with living room and dining patios.

Flipped Out


2006: First Place Geometric Design Award from Signature Pools And Spas Magazine


2006: HGTV.com’s article “Go The Room Route”, Landscape Design Build Magazine’, and Landscape Construction Magazine.

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