Vanishing edge swimming pool with Baja shelf, spa, with water features, and an outdoor kitchen

Homeowner Testimonial


To say Scott Cohen is an artist diminishes his ability to execute a precise objective, as an honest and morally sound contractor, to say he is a great contractor diminishes his artistic creative ability to seamlessly bridge form and function. He is a great visionary and has put together a top level crew to facilitate the implementation and execution of his vision. He is a renaissance man in the purest and most concrete definition, his knowledge of pools, materials, plantings, gardening, and construction are second to none. He finds creative ways to seamless blend his pool designs into the environment and into the lifestyle of the homeowners.

In the crowded space of pool builders and contractors, he is in a class all by himself. – Grace Flowers

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Drone Video

Drone Video

We are flattered by the volume of requests for consultations we are currently receiving daily. It’s nice to be popular, but due to overwhelming demand we are currently accepting projects only in the brand-new construction neighborhoods in which we are actively working; Westcliffe Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), Canyon Oaks & Encore Toll Brothers (Chatsworth), Hillcrest Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), The Canyons Toll Brothers (Porter Ranch), Deerlake Ranch (Crestley and Landsea homes in Chatsworth), and Sterling Hills Pulte Homes (West Hills).

Outside of new construction, we have a “Special Projects Consultation Wait List” for clients with unique high-end projects with budgets over $200,000, that don’t mind waiting a bit for us to catch up.