Great Ball of Fire

Homeowner Testimonial


“I am not being paid to say this. In fact, I’ve paid good money to say this. LOL. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Competent, Accomplished, Artists from Greenscene arrived one day to our unfinished and rocky yard and turned it into a ravishing beauty. Cheerfully I can say that the yard is a source of meeting our new neighbors. Judging the front yard and looking at the 3D visuals advertised in our front yard, all our neighbors have stopped by and asked for a tour of the backyard. The 3D drawings were so helpful to us in visualizing what our yard would turn into. A bleak landscape was what we faced everyday until one day, it was done! The fire and water feature is a one of a kind, as is the lighting under the bbq unit and bench. The fire pit is gorgeous and the tile used in and around the pool turned out beautifully. Its a family affair for Scott he’s not going to do a shoddy job. His wife, Lisa, provides on point accounting, and his lovely daughter, Kinsey, gives you immediate access to the office if you need to connect. Most of his workers have been with him for decades. His main tile man, Johnny, is a total artist and gentleman. Shawn, his supervisor is available and helpful. His words: Our priority is to make you happy. He takes the time to sit and explain the agenda items. Angel in the back office is great with her weekly emails and constant monitoring of supply chain. Overall, I could say more, but Im sure you will experience this and more with Greenscene. Five Stars, no question about it.Thanks, Scott and Greenscene!”

Project Photos

Project Photos

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