Swimming Pools and Modern Technology

Swimming Pools and Modern Technology
The Green Scene
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You may not initially think that swimming pools and modern technology go hand in hand. But at The Green Scene we don’t just keep up with the latest backyard design trends. We also keep up with technology. 

We incorporate modern technology into every stage of our process, from conception to completion, because we know our clients expect cutting-edge amenities as well as modern backyard design. 

Swimming Pools and Virtual Reality

Modern technology is at the heart of every project we undertake right from the beginning. 

The very first thing a prospective client should do is check out the project map for their neighborhood. We serve the neighborhoods of Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, and Westhills. Each map is interactive. Clients are able to see current projects, compare space and size, and get great ideas for their own backyard design.

project maps of green scene

In online meetings with clients, modern technology allows us to share our computer screen and sketch out backyard swimming pool designs in real-time. This enables the designer and client to work closely together from the very beginning, no matter where the client is on the planet. 

This is great for clients who are out of town on business, who are on vacation, or who haven’t relocated to the area yet.  

Once we have the design, modern technology allows us to convert it into a 3D virtual simulation. The VR system allows clients to “see” and “walk through” their new backyard before excavation equipment ever arrives. This helps the clients envision the finished product. 

Here’s an example of one of our 3D virtual reality design simulations.  

Swimming Pools Construction and The Project Tracker

In today’s world, we have noticed that clients have a growing thirst for communication. Even when you order something as simple as a pizza or dinner-to-go, there is a system to update you with texts or emails on every stage of your delivery!

At The Green Scene, we understand that when thousands of dollars are being spent on customized backyards and swimming pools, prompt and detailed communication are expected.

Much like pizza notifications, we use modern technology to keep you up to date at every step of the construction process. 

Our Project Tracker system automatically sends out emails that update you on the progress of your swimming pool construction and introduces you to your project manager.

green scene project tracker screen

Each email also introduces you to each foreman and explains the steps for that phase of the project. As many as 28 emails will go out automatically throughout the project, starting with permits and at each phase of construction. 

These emails also include videos to further guide you through the process of your pool build and a button that shows exactly where you are in the process. 

In addition, The Green Scene has a full-time office support staff available to answer all of your questions. 

You won’t find this kind of innovative communication system with any other company. We are the team who stays up to date with modern technology because we know it helps to serve our clients better.

Swimming Pools and Modern Technology Cameras

During construction we offer the option of job site cameras. These cameras allow you to monitor who is on your property at all times.

After construction, these cameras become your backyard security cameras. They use advanced modern technology with artificial intelligence.

The AI is able to identify hazardous areas and notifies you directly if anyone goes into the area. The AI will send you a separate notification if anyone goes into the water. 

The AI is so advanced that it can even tell the difference between a human, a pet, or other animals!

Swimming Pools and Modern Technology Smartphones

Once your construction project is complete, you will be able to control your pool’s features and amenities right from your smartphone with automation such as Hayward® OmniLogic. It also works with Google and Alexa.

smartphone screen for pools and hot tubs

Maybe you’ve had a hard day at work. Well, just hit the button on your smartphone and your spa will be hot and bubbly by the time you get home. You can also manage the temperature from your device as well.

Your smartphone can also control the light features in your pool and spa. You have the option of 20 different colors and can program up to 9 different light shows. Use patriotic colors for the 4th of July or for a jazzy theme try the Voodoo Lounge color show. 

You can create and customize all your favorites and have them at the touch of one button. Setting up is easy. Once in place, you can control the pool lighting, waterfall features, spa temperature, and landscape lighting with just one command.

As you can see, swimming pools and modern technology really do go hand in hand. 

Well, they aren’t called smartphones for nothing!

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