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All good plans begin with a solid checklist, and a smokin’ hot outdoor kitchen is no exception. We’ve categorized this list into sections: The ‘Essential Basics,’ The ‘I Really Want Its,’ and The ‘Oh, Wouldn’t THAT Be Cool.’ So, check off your boxes and give us a ring at The Green Scene, where your checklists are our commands.

The ‘Essential Basics’ of Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with grill, cooler, stovetop, sink, and outdoor seating

For small backyards or an outdoor kitchen in the corner of the yard to accommodate larger design elements — such as a pool or spa — these are the absolute essentials.

  • Grill – Alfresco grills are our go-to for outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re whipping up a few burgers and dogs for a casual Saturday or want to impress the A-List with your outdoor culinary skills, Alfresco makes it happen. Grill, steam, bake, sautee, simmer, warm … if you can think it up, you can do it outdoors with Alfresco.
  • Prep Surfaces – To truly impress your guests, slice, dice, and julienne outdoors as well as you do inside. Ample prep surfaces give you the liberty to whip up anything from the meanest margarita in town to the baddest brisket this side of Texas. And with the fabulous storage space afforded by your new cabinetry, you won’t burn the souffle because you had to run in the house for those serving dishes you don’t have room for outside.
  • Covering – How did Bobby Flay land Iron Chef status? Well, it sure wasn’t by pouring sweat on his cooktop standing out in the blazing sun. Or by serving up dripping-wet burger buns from cooking in the pouring rain. Enjoy your outdoor kitchen year-round, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out, with a cover. BONUS! Your stuff lasts longer when protected from the blaring sun and pouring rain.
  • Basic Seating – Duck a l’Orange off the grill? Delectable. Eating Duck a l’Orange (or hot dogs, for that matter) standing up? Less delectable. The most basic outdoor kitchen needs an island with some bar stools or a nice dining table with a few comfy chairs for enjoying those hot-off-the-grill masterpieces. And the dawgs. 

The ‘I Really Want Its’ of Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen with grill and recycled glass countertop

But, of course, you’ve never been one for the sheer basics. We feel you. Here are the things you’re really going to want to add to that outdoor kitchen

  • Refrigeration Unit – Hot steaks call for cold salad fixins. Period. Oh, and cold brewskies, too. Fridges are fab.
  • Guest Seating – Bar stools work well for cocktails and charcuterie boards, but dinnertime calls for a less laid-back arrangement. Provide alternatives to the island and bar stools with a modern table and chairs, or for a cooler option, go for an in-pool table with built-in seats.
  • Basic Storage – Just like the indoor kitchen, there simply isn’t a thing as enough storage. The more you can stow outside, the less you have to tote in and out every time you grill or entertain.
  • Cooktop + Oven – Nothing wears you out like running back and forth between the grill outside and your side dishes inside. Stop! Enjoy your parties (as well as those random Saturday afternoons) by equipping your outdoor kitchen with the elements to make your entire meal — appetizers to dessert — right outside. (Yeah, it’s impressive too.)
  • Drink Service – Being prepared with a proper beverage center allows you to make all of your favorite cocktails; Old Fashioneds,  Pina Coladas, Margaritas. An outdoor bar takes those office pool parties to the next level.

The ‘Oh, Wouldn’t THAT Be Cool!’ of Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Alas, you’re not Basic Bob, and even our “yeah, I really want that” section is a little passe for your style. We’ve got you covered, bruh.

  • Firepit – How do you keep the fam from picking chunks off that gorgeous ham before it even comes off the smoker-grill? Entertain guests with a stunning firepit and they’ll leave you alone until your barbecue mastery is … well … mastered.
  • Multiple Seating Areas – There are distinct advantages to having multiple seating areas around your outdoor kitchen. First, people like different seating arrangements. Some want to sit up, elbows on the table, while chatting away. Others prefer sinking into a cozy lounger sipping an Old Fashioned until the dinner bell rings. Also, if you have large gatherings, it’s easier to hear people talk if there aren’t as many mouths nearby. Offer sunny areas, shaded areas, areas for gathering and chatting, and spaces for introverts to survive those nights when everyone RSVPd yes to the invites.
  • A Swimming Pool, Waterfall, or Other Luxurious Water Element – Let’s face it, filet mignon on the grill is the pinnacle of a cookout. But a fire-kissed medium-rare poolside? Sign us up.

So, what would you have in your dream outdoor kitchen?

Let us know! The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools team are pros, making dream outdoor kitchens a reality and we can make it happen for you, too. Get in touch with us today for a design consultation!


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